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Husky Card Access and Governance Council Membership

Updated November 4, 2022

The Husky Card Access and Governance Council (HCAGC) is a collective of stakeholders who voluntarily meet weekly with two retreats a year to respond to requests and issues related to the Husky Card Program. The HCAGC is convened by Mark Stanley, Chief Financial Officer, Housing and Food Services.

Unit/Department Name
Health Sciences Administration Lacey A Racich
Housing and Food Services Mark Stanley, Chair
Husky Card Office Shawna Salt
Identity and Access Management Anne Tacazon
Office of Academic Personnel Sunday Stanley
Office of Merchant Services Kevin H. Doar
Office of the University Registrar Helen B. Garrett
Student Fiscal Services Andrew S. Monusko
Transportation Services Caryn Walline
UW Bothell – Information Technology Jim DeRoest
UW Facilities Peter Atkinson
UW Libraries Kirsten J Spillum
UW Tacoma – Office of the Registrar Stephanie Beall
UW Tacoma – Information Technology Bill Fritz
UW Human Resources Marisa Graudins
UW Information Technology Rick Anglin
UW Information Technology Brad Beck
UW Information Technology Brent Holterman
UW Privacy Office Abe Bender